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Saturday, April 2, 2011


One of the most creative people that inspired me to be an artist at a young age was Doug TenNapel (of Earthworm Jim fame). Once I found out he was writing & drawing his own graphic novels (a total of 10 so far!), I started eating up everyone that I could get my hands on :P They are all superbly well-paced with great pure black & white art which eventually got me into inking (and I quickly discovered how beautiful and meditative the process of inking is). I also saw an online lecture he did that made me change the way I saw art. So...yeah, he's awesome. 

and on that note, here's some fan art  for his new emerging superhero RATFIST (which is a web comic you can check out here)


AWESOME! My artwork was posted on the Fan Art section of the webcomic site! It totally made me giddy like a little school girl when I saw it. Thanks Mr. TenNapel!