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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Robin Daffy key chart

So I was uploading some old animations on YouTube for the first time and during the process, I found myself romanticizing over lost animations that were never fully complete. So of course, because I have a hard time letting go, I had to do a second one of these commemorative key chart thingies :P Here's a link to the first one I did for those people who don't remember or have no idea what the hell I'm about about. So pretty, no? :D

As for the Robin Hood thing, that was actually a pose test exercise we did in class a long time ago. I really loved those too so that was another inspiration to do another key chart thingy. However, I drew on top of my old poses because I wanted another crack at drawing remotely close to the power of Kahl. Also my older poses were criticized for being too exaggerated and goofy so I wanted to communicate the same poses with more toned down drawings, basically like Kahl. Even though I still laugh at the last pose, haha.

This turned out to be my favourite one and as close to Milt Kahl as I could get without falling over.


Oh and here's a link to the Daffy animaiton moving in all it's frames, for anyone who's curious to see these things in action :)

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