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Monday, January 30, 2012

TOON BOOM Animation Reel


Hello friends and followers, I was busy as a drawing bumble bee earlier last year and made sure my blog got a lot of doodle loving until a blissful & unexpected thing happened to me...full-time employment! 

And 8 months later, this is what I have to show for it!

I got hired for my very first animation gig at a private company in Vancouver called Big Bad Boo were I was trained as a Junior Animator to work on a kid's TV show called "1001 Nights" in Season 2 (the first season is currently being played on Teletoon!). This demo reel contains 60 seconds of my favorite animations I did during that period =D 

The job experience ended up by giving me exactly what I was seeking for at the time, industry training, proficiency in a leading edge animation software (Toon Boom Harmony) and a happy environment to learn and connect with ALOT of talented, super cool artists. Help, support and guidance came in a plethora. My wishes were granted and riches were earned.

So on that note, wish me luck and see you all soon! YIPPY!!!