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Monday, January 30, 2012

TOON BOOM Animation Reel


Hello friends and followers, I was busy as a drawing bumble bee earlier last year and made sure my blog got a lot of doodle loving until a blissful & unexpected thing happened to me...full-time employment! 

And 8 months later, this is what I have to show for it!

I got hired for my very first animation gig at a private company in Vancouver called Big Bad Boo were I was trained as a Junior Animator to work on a kid's TV show called "1001 Nights" in Season 2 (the first season is currently being played on Teletoon!). This demo reel contains 60 seconds of my favorite animations I did during that period =D 

The job experience ended up by giving me exactly what I was seeking for at the time, industry training, proficiency in a leading edge animation software (Toon Boom Harmony) and a happy environment to learn and connect with ALOT of talented, super cool artists. Help, support and guidance came in a plethora. My wishes were granted and riches were earned.

So on that note, wish me luck and see you all soon! YIPPY!!!


Roxy Beiklik said...

Dennis your Toon Boom reel is amazing, I am super impressed. I hope you keep posting more of your stuff!

Anonymous said...

yaaaay! (me too!!!) and thank you! :D:D:D

GhettoFab said...

A hearty congrats to you sir! Your living my dream! Amazing reel and hope to see more

Anonymous said...

GhettoFab, as long as you keep feeding your blog with inspiration for me to salivate over, I will hope to see more too! :)

ToueT said...

Congratulations Dennis!! Good to hear from you.